Is this the right Forklift for you?

To begin with you should ask the question if the forklift truck you want is appropriate for your needs. Does it fit into your warehouse? Beware of clearance heights and aisle width! 

Have parts been replaced?

Next take a look at the truck’s type plate and the load capacity chart. Are they fixed to the correct spot? Do they correspond? Some of the parts or even the whole lift mast might have been replaced. Double check.

Truck manual and service history?

You should ask for the truck’s manual and make sure that all labels and warning notices are visible. Ask if the Truck has recently been serviced, or comes with LOLER certification.

Check the engine

Put the truck to the test. If you’re interested in an internal combustion truck, begin with a cold start of the vehicle. Does the exhaust emit excessive smoke?

Check the mast and carriage

The mast and carriage also require attention. Check if the guide rail and fork carriage give way. Does the load cause the lift mast to bend?

Check the forklift arms

Take a careful look at the forks. Can you see any cracks? Are the lockings attached? Measure the thickness of the fork joints.

Check the Steering

Check the steering by determining if the vehicle stays on track.

Check Brakes

The brakes must also feel evenly balanced on both sides. Does the parking brake work?

Check the Lights

Are all lights and headlights fully working? Cables and connections should be sealed, light fittings may not contain any condensation.

Check the Battery

Are you looking at an electric truck? You’ll need to check the condition of the battery. Green and white crystals at the poles might indicate sulphation and  might be an indication of an old battery.

Check the Tyres

Check tyre wear. Are they damaged? Can you see cuts or rips? Is the so-called wear mark still clearly visible?

Check Vehicle Body

Can you see any rust damage, dents or other issues? What kind of warranty does the deal include? Which features and vehicle parts does it apply too?